lavender and roses

Monday, September 26, 2011

Three Song Birds

An Autumn bouquet ... for your pleasure

... and three song birds

most likely singing to Tchaikovsky's Autumn

listen here ... it's beautiful

... enjoy these wonderful Autumn days

Thanks so much for visiting.

(all stamps used to make this card are from Hero Arts)


  1. That's a beautiful bouquet Suzanne! I love your vase! Gorgeous card, adore those three birdies! They look so happy!

  2. Absolutely SWEET, Susanne! I can almost hear the birdies' singing!! Love your composition and use of stamps!

  3. This stamp is so cute. Love that you left it uncolored, Susanne! Beautiful card and gorgeous bouquet!

  4. Thank you, Suzanne! And your card is elegant and meaningful, as usual.

  5. I love your beautiful bouquet of flowers and your lovely pink crafted card! DH loves classical more than me but I certainly love listening to it. I can see how much you are enjoying the weather!

  6. How soft and melodious lovely!