lavender and roses

Sunday, July 28, 2013

little sweetheart


This little sweetheart flew into the glass window and fell to the deck. He toppled over each time he stood up .. for some reason his little beak remained opened. I picked him up, put a couple drops of water in his mouth and started to gently stroke his back. He looked as though he was thoroughly enjoying it and appeared to be starting to fall asleep ... until my husband came out with the camera .  After a few photographs were taken, he stood up and flew onto the branch of a nearby tree.  I'm so happy that he's okay.

Thanks so much for visiting. I have not been posting lately due to lack of time however I have been working on an altered book which I have almost finished and will post soon. I have been visiting several of your blogs and the Hero Arts group and have been enjoying all of your beautiful work.

We've had lots of rain which has been wonderful for my garden . Unfortunately surrounding areas closer to Toronto have experienced much flooding. 

Warm wishes to all of you. Please keep safe.