lavender and roses

Sunday, September 18, 2011

... my part of the world

This was a perfect weekend ... perfect weather for hiking !
My DH and I went on a beautiful afternoon walk on Saturday and again on Sunday morning.
We ended the walk at the General Store for lunch. I had a bowl of fresh tomato soup, toasted Canadian bacon, tomato and romaine lettuce sandwich with a mug of warm apple cider.
... I love this time of the year.
I'm hoping that you enjoyed your visit in my part of the world.
... I would love to see yours :)

... well ... the weekend is over
wishing you a safe and happy week
thank you for visiting


  1. I love when you share photos like this, Susanne. So beautiful, and is that an apple tree? Yum! Gorgeous scenery and it's so nice to know you truly enjoy it. Sending hugs! :)

  2. Love these photos, Susanne! Sounds like you and your hubby are completely "in sync" with your country walks!

  3. Great photos Susanne, it is wonderful that you can spend such quality time not only with your hubby but with nature as well, these days will be lasting memories for you both.

  4. GORGEOUS photos, Susanne! Aren't we Canadians blessed, eh?

  5. Your part of the world looks amazingly beautiful! You´re lucky to live in such a beautiful area!
    Thanks for the pics!
    Have a fine week, too!
    PS: Sadly I don´t like this time of the year - I´m definitely a "spring/summer girl"!
    I like the beautiful colours in the nature in fall/autumn, but I DON´T like the increasing darkness from day to day...

  6. We have such similar views my Canadian friend! Nice to hear you had a perfect day!