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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lisa's Photo Card Tutorial - Part 1

Taking good photographs is a mystery to me, so I am very excited about Lisa's Photo Tutorial! I hope that you will join us!  The first part of the tutorial is about White Balance.  Lisa provides us with a card to download so that we are able to compare our results.

I took the photographs of this card on the tile bathtub ledge near a south window that has a sheer white curtain.  The time is close to noon and it is a warm sunny day today  : )  I tried three different settings on the White Balance menu of my camera.

This is the WB setting .


This one is the Cloud setting.

This is the Auto setting.

My whites range from yellow-white to blue-white!  I seem to prefer the card photographed with the cloud setting, even though it's a sunny day ! ?

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  1. What a difference Susanne, If your card is white to start with wouldn't the true colour be the last one; your Auto setting?

  2. I am also playing around with Lisa's ideas, it's going to take a while!

  3. Isn't it neat to see the difference? I want to take more photos inside too. . .only did outdoors so far. I tend to like the last one. Brighter and more true to the white card.

  4. It's amazing the difference in the cards depending on the setting you used. I found that I prefered one I took with the wrong setting for the conditions too!