lavender and roses

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

enjoy the little things

I used the following HERO ARTS Stamps: Birdcage, Friend Definition and Messages. I filled my birdcage with butterflies (patterned paper) and added a white pearl, ribbon and a home made flower.

I wanted to share a poem that belonged to my grandmother. It's from a very old, worn, piece of newspaper that I keep tucked away in a special place. I'm kind of fond of this.

Some people go through this wonderful world
And never look up at the sky.
It's nothing to them that the lark sings there
While the great white clouds sail by.

It's nothing to them that millions of stars
Weave a silver web at night.
They do not know of the hush that falls
When the dawn gives birth to light.

Oh, pity the people with all your heart,
Who never look up at the sky.
So many beautiful sights they miss
As the pageant of God goes by.

Author Unknown

Thank you for your visit! I hope you are enjoying the little things today!


  1. what lovely soft card, susanne! your handmade flower is so pretty! that poem is just beautiful! thank you for sharing it!

  2. What a beautiful poem Susanne! It is so true, we often speed through life with such haste that we miss out on so much! I love your card together, I think it was a brilliant idea to stamp that birdcage over that specific patterned paper! Beautifully romantic!

  3. What a beautiful card and poem, love them both!

  4. Truly lovely, Susanne! Love the muted tones and colors! The ribbon on top is cute!

  5. A very unique take on the birdcage Susanne. it is a lovely CAS card, the little flower is gorgeous.
    The poem is lovely too.

  6. Que linda flor enfeitando seu cartão!

  7. Such a cute way to use that paper in the birdcage - your card is so, so pretty! And, I love that poem, too.

    Hope you are fully recovered from your auto accident now???

  8. Pretty card, Susanne! Love the soft background and wonderful birdcage but I really love that poem!

    I try hard each day to find at least one, small thing to enjoy. Today at work, I was opening up some boxes of plants and when I got to the Freesia, the smell was amazing! I grabbed one and walked around the store, sharing it with anyone who wanted to smell the beautiful fragrance. I think some people thought I was a bit crazy, but most appreciated it, I think! Hugs to you, my friend! :)

  9. Both are wunderful - your card and the poem!!!
    I found you through Dolly Daydreams - and I´m so glad about that! Your work is amazing - pieces of art! I´m a new follower :-)
    Have a nice day!