lavender and roses

Thursday, July 21, 2011

behind the garden gate

I made this card a while back for a very special lady (Jacqueline) and forgot to post it.
I have not been able to spend much time blogging or visiting my lovely flickr friends due to long work hours.  I miss you all. The weather is hot and today, very humid.

My garden
I got up early this morning to water my garden before leaving for work. I noticed my several heads of lettuce had grown full and tall. I was looking forward to that lettuce this evening ... however when I went to pick it ... some little critter got there before ... and had it all!
I walked to the back by the raspberry bush and I figure I knew who to blame
as I walked down the path, I saw the wild guineafowl run and oh they looked so very ashamed!

i'm a poet and didn't know it ;)

I hope to get some photos of these cute little guineafowl this weekend.

Thanks so very much for your visit. Have yourself a wonderful weekend!


  1. What a wonderful place it is where you live, Susanne! So full of wildlife, flowers and fun! So sorry he nabbed all your lettuce! Love your beautiful card today and we miss you too, that's for sure! Take care and don't work so hard! Hugs! :)

  2. Been missing you Susanne! Thks for your flickr mail, will get back to you! I treasure this card in my collection, it's so pretty!
    Sorry about the lettuce!

  3. love your card, elegant as always!

    Never heard of that strange strange bird....:-)

  4. Definitely missing you around Flickr and your blog! I hope you get a break soon? Sorry about the lettuce but the guinieas are so gorgeous! They remind me of Africa! You live in a beautiful place! A beautiful card for Jacqueline!

  5. Another Flickr gal missing you here too. Lol. Your sweetness and many beautiful cards are an inspiration to us all. So we miss you when your not there. Hope your doing well and that your summer is being enjoyed. So love this beauty that you shared today. So love the diffrent colours that you used, but it is still so romantic and vinage. Gorgeous colours and design. So sorry you didn't get to eat the fruit (in this case veggie) of your labour. Rest easy knowing you feed one of God's creatures, though very sneeky. Lol. Take care sweetie. Hugs.

  6. What a really beautiful card! I know she loved it! The colors, the stamp, and the DP's are perfect!

  7. Oh how I love your work it is so beautiful I must come by more often so I can sit here and sigh ahhhhh. Yes the bird does look very guilty but gorgeous.