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Monday, April 18, 2011

the lady of the house

I wanted to share these sweet photographs of 'the lady of the house' ... who looks like a kitten but is actually over 15 years old.  When I brought this little lady home 15 years ago, I named her Smudge because she reminded me of a palette smudged with oil paint. However, over the years I realized that was not an appropriate name because this little kitten was soft, quiet, delicate, independent  and very much of a lady.  She knows exactly who I'm referring to when I call 'the lady of the house' or 'little lady' ... and she knows how to get whatever she wants too... she just sits up straight as could be and stares into my eyes ... and I say okay tuna or salmon  and somehow I know it's salmon.  The Little Lady isn't a cuddly cat, but when she wasn't well a while back she let me hold her, cuddle her and wrap her in a blanket, I could feed her with a spoon and although we would both be covered with food, she tried her best. Somehow I think she knew I was trying to help her get well.

Thanks for your visit. I hope you are having a wonderful day!


  1. She is precious. She looks so sweet on the chair.

  2. Beautiful kitty, Susanne! Isn't it wonderful, the joy and love they bring into our lives? I have a cat named, Murphy and we all just ADORE him! Thanks for sharing!

  3. so darling, love this little lady!! :)

  4. Your little lady has such sweet eyes!