lavender and roses

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

my little chickadee


..just sharing a few photos I took earlier this year after a snowstorm
this little chickadee had several different seeds to choose from however he seemed to prefer the bread crumbs.  He's very friendly and not the least bit worried about me being so close.

We've had several days of rain which is just fine with me and perfect for my garden.

thank you for visiting , have a safe week


  1. it is amazing how these little creatures captivate our attention!...I have several bird friends that come to visit me and when I am blogging at my garden I have their "songs" accompanying sweet

  2. What a cute pretty little bird!!
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. Adorable little birdy--black capped chickadees are so fun to watch. And when they start to fuss, it's amazing such a noise can come from such a sweet looking bird.


  4. How gorgeous is this! Love your little chickadee, what amazing photos!

  5. Beautiful little chickadee. my papa used to call me his chickadee more than three quarters of a century ago before the Russians shipped him to Siberia.