lavender and roses

Thursday, February 23, 2012

... forever

Wishing you a safe weekend. We're expecting a storm with about 6 inches of snow ... wonderful for skiing ... if you ski ... but the roads can be treacherous ... please be ever so careful.


  1. Hello Susanne
    Hope you have a good weekend, snow and all.
    Your card is soft and feminine and beautiful.

  2. Beautiful card! Stay in and stay warm, Susanne. We have been so fortunate not to have major snows this year; but are expecting some tonight and tomorrow. Hope it won't be very much. Looking forward to spring.

  3. you always make the most delicate and lovely cards, susanne!

  4. So beautifully soft! Love that sentiment!

  5. You always make the most beautiful and feminine cards...I love them all. Do you ever include the supplies you use or a recipe, as such, for your creations?


    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments Susie. I often mention the company's name of the stamps I use. I don't give a recipe of the colours I use, however I would certainly be pleased to provide the information if I were asked. I will say that my colours and compostition are often inspired by the music that I am listening to at the time and I have given several examples of my favourite artists throughout my blog. Hoping that you're having a wonderful day!