lavender and roses

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

... you've captured my heart

This card seemed to create itself while I listened to Valentina Igoshina perform the Fantasie Impromtu by Chopin .

I so appreciate your visit. Enjoy your day and keep safe.


  1. Beautiful playing by Valentina Susanne, she has soft hands on the Piano.
    Please don't tell me you made this beautiful Card in 5mins (Length of performance), when I have just finished a card that took two days!

    1. ... no no no ... not five minutes
      .. when I enjoy a piece of music I will play it over and over ... and over ...

      thanks so much for your visit Sue, I hope all is well.

  2. Another more than wonderful addition to your series!

  3. ...and this card captured my heart! Beautiful, so love the colors and the soft approach. I will have to make something like this soon, most enjoyable!

  4. well, of course this card created itself while listening to to beautiful music.....this card is a concerto in and of itself!

  5. So, so sweet, Susanne! Love that little bird tucked behind the ribbon.

  6. Oh my goodness, this is so beautiful created Susanne! I love those colors! I love how you get inspired!

  7. Saw this over on the hero arts gallery and just had to stop by to let you know I love your card! The colors are soft, and the composition is great.. Nice blog too! TFS