lavender and roses

Monday, June 27, 2011

little bird with teal ribbon

Hello! Welcome back!  I made this CAS card with a little bird from the HERO ARTS Bird Trio and HERO ARTS Everyday Sayings.  I must say that it took me quite a while to figure out that CAS meant clean and simple ... when I studied painting, we used to call it KISS!   ;)

Enjoy your day! Thank you for your visit!


  1. You have made a beautiful job of this Susanne, the Teal blue adds a richness to the card.

  2. I love the simplicity of this card and the teal really adds some unexpected beauty and dimension

  3. Love how you do CAS - this is so special!

  4. You studied painting?! WOW!
    OK, now I know, why your cards are so fabulous and artsy! :-)
    Lovely card again! You´re so talented!

  5. I studied painting too, LOLOL, but yours shows it! We called it KISS too, but I won't tell you when either!! :-) Your card is wonderful!